Racism in Nonsuch

Guidelines, info and updates for protesting as well as student experiences.


[111120] The account used to create the racisminukedu thread has been suspended. Tweets can still be found by searching "racisminukedu nonsuch" on twitter.

[211020] Socialist Worker has also written an article on the protests.

[181020] Local London has also written an article on the protests, after interviewing Anise.

[161020] The Local Guardian has written an article on the protests.

[161020] The school has disabled emails for students. "We would love to hear your thoughts", "discuss in proper channels" but then disabling the emails after? Getting mixed messages here...

Student experiences

Racism in Nonsuch has been an ongoing issue from the beginning. As students, we are told to raise incidents with staff; staff have continuously let the student body down. Through current students and alumni, we are compiling all of these events.
You can find them on twitter (search "racisminUKedu nonsuch"), or instagram (links below). Additionally, we have a tellonym open where you can submit your own experiences.

Guidelines and advice for protesting

Well done to Y11 for a successful kick off! this is the first of many- we must keep using our voices and keep the momentum going!

Rules and advice for future protesting:

> continue to put up posters, especially on form boards
> when doing so, use blu tack rather than tape (if tape damages the paint, we could be held accountable for vandalism; do not give them a reason to)
> make sure to wear masks and stay in year group bubbles
> no profanities or inappropriate/direct attacks in posters/signs

The plan

It's guaranteed this will 'die down', even if by one person. Keep the same energy and get parents, alumni etc to email in. We need to keep pressing for change, or else all this effort goes to waste.

Don't remember why we're doing this? Think about it: the school defended two racist girls in front of their year, but threatened another with expulsion for raising awareness. Seem fair?

Black lives matter; they always have and always will.
We won't stop until BIPOC are treated with the respect they deserve.

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